WP3: Animal Welfare

The goal of the Animal Welfare work package within BroilerNet is to improve the animal welfare amongst broiler farms in different EU poultry production systems. The main objective of the Animal Welfare working group is to identify animal welfare challenges and innovation needs for broiler farmers in Europe and to define cost effective best practices to improve animal welfare.

Available knowledge regarding current and prospective broiler welfare challenges in different broiler production systems will be compiled by national Broiler Innovation Networks (BINs), through bottom-up (stakeholder based) approach. The BINs will collect both science based and already successfully implemented Good Practices (GPs) that meet the challenges in question.

Yearly, a Thematic Expert Network (TEN) for Animal Welfare will evaluate and rank the collected GPs. Out of the first ranked GPs, the “best of GPs” are selected to obtain the BroilerNet Champion Award for animal welfare. Abstracts on the “best of GPs” practices will be disseminated via the BroilerNet homepage and in an extended version as reports for the EIP-AGRI platform.