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The EU-FarmBook platform is being developed to test a big idea: Can all of the tangible outputs of EU-funded research and innovation projects be brought together and organized in one user-friendly platform to help get practical knowledge into the hands of the farmers, foresters and advisors across Europe who need it most?

The challenges to doing this are great – data(base) quality and compatibility issues, language barriers, and intergenerational considerations to name a few – but we believe that the future of agriculture and forestry innovation in Europe is digital, and requires a vastly increased and improved digital exchange of knowledge between EU regions and Member States, as well as between different agricultural stakeholders: researchers, policymakers, SMEs, advisors, farmers and foresters.

EU-FarmBook platform is the result of two EU-funded Horizon 2020 “sister” projects, EURAKNOS (https://euraknos.eu/) and EUREKA (https://h2020eureka.eu/), which have brought together diverse partners from 28 organizations across 16 countries to work together using a multi-actor approach.

European citizens believe that current animal husbandry practices are too intensive. mEATquality analyses consumer attitudes, perceptions, and preferences regarding sustainable meat production. The husbandry factors that determine ‘extensiveness’ can be applied and optimised in organic, free range and conventional production systems.

An active network dedicated to finding innovative solutions for antibiotic resistance

DISARM aims to reduce antibiotic resistance by reducing the need for antibiotics in livestock farming by focusing on disease prevention and prudent use of antibiotics.

With the aim of reducing environmental impacts while addressing societal demands for safe, nutritious and affordable meat and dairy products, PATHWAYS  is about identifying and increasing sustainable practices along the supply and production chains of the European livestock sector.

Coordinated by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and comprising 30 partners from 12 countries, this 5-year (2021-2026) €9 million Horizon 2020 project contributes to the EU Farm-to-Fork Strategy  which is at the heart of the EU Green Deal. 

ROADMAP is a 4-year EU-funded project that will foster transitions towards prudent antimicrobial use (AMU) in animal production in a large variety of contexts, by favouring a rethinking of antimicrobial decision-systems all along the food supply chain.

HealthyLivestock will carry out a research programme to study the contributions of enhanced animal health and welfare on reducing the need to use antimicrobials in pigs and poultry.

The NetPoulSafe project – Networking European poultry actors for enhancing the compliance of biosecurity measures for a sustainable production – is a EU thematic network on supporting measures to improve biosecurity compliance in poultry farming, designed to stimulate knowledge exchange between European poultry actors.

AVANT is a multi-actor inter-sectorial project aimed at developing alternatives to antimicrobials for the management of bacterial infections in pigs, especially diarrhoea during the weaning period, as the major indication for antimicrobial use in livestock in Europe. During pre-clinical studies, efficacy, toxicity, and mode of action of these interventions is tested, and their dosage and formulation optimized. The results and a survey for veterinarian-, farmer- and consumers perception of antimicrobial alternatives, will be used together with legal and economic considerations to select three interventions for large-scale farm trials, assessing clinical efficacy and impact on antimicrobial use.