WP2: Environmental sustainability 

The goal of the Environmental sustainability work package within the BroilerNet is to improve the sustainability amongst broiler farms in different EU poultry production systems from the environment point of view. This theme’s specific objectives include identifying the main environmentally sustainability challenges of farmers involved in keeping broiler chickens through bottom-up approaches (stakeholder based). The national Broiler Innovation Networks (BINs) will work on the collection and collation of science-based and farm-based Good practices (GPs) to address the identified main environmental sustainability challenges.

Each year a Thematic Expert Network (TEN) for Environmental sustainability will evaluate and rank the collected GPs and select the “best of the GPs” winning the BroilerNet Champion Award for environmental sustainability. The TEN will report on the “best of the GPs”, including a cost-benefit analysis. Once these “best of the GPs” have been finalised, abstracts based on the GPs will be disseminated through BroilerNet channels and EIP-AGRI.