BIN Portugal

The per capita consumption of chicken meat in Portugal is the highest in Europe. Production is very concentrated (more than 80% of production is produced by 1.5% of farms), based on the vertical integration system, with the 2 largest groups – Lusiaves and Valouro – representing around 60% of national production. Only 1% of production is made in organic production, but extensive systems, associated with voluntary quality certification systems, have progressively gained weight in the market, representing around 10% of consumption.

in Portugal, the corporate level represents, together, more than 85% of the total production of chicken meat and about 75% of food distribution in Portugal. At the associative level, all the main national organizations that represent the production, processing and consumption of meat are integrated, including the main organic farming organization in the country (AGROBIO) and the main farmers confederation (CAP) and the national consumer’s association (DECO).