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There are about 170 broiler meat producers in Finland and about 40 parent stock (pullet rearing and egg production) producers. Production is based on the production contracts and the industry is controlling the production amounts and setting the requirements for the production.



The estimated broiler meat production amount in 2022 was about 140 million kilograms (81,5 million broilers).

Broiler meat producers are private companies, usually run by families. The biggest farms have also employees working with the broilers.


Finnish broiler association was established in 1971 and most (more than 90 %) of farms are members. Also, meat processors, feed companies and other broiler related companies, veterinarians and advisors are members of the association.

There’s three companies that slaughter and process broilers in Finland: Atria Oyj, HKScan Oyj and Naapurin Maalaiskana Oy. The fourth one, Luomu Invest Oy, only process organic meat.


Feed companies have advisory services for all farmers. Since the feed is one of the major production inputs and the most expensive one, feed companies have a big responsibility to maintain and develop the broiler industry. There are four broiler feed companies in Finland: A-Rehu Oy, Hankkija Oy and Satarehu Oy. Organic broiler feed manufacturer is RehuX Oy.

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