Presentation of ‘Oranjehoen’ broiler concept

Broiler farmer Johan Leenders, one of the partners of BroilerNet, developed his own broiler farming concept in the Netherlands. He presented his broiler farming concept at the kick-off meeting of the BroilerNet project. The Oranjehoen broiler farming concept is particularly interesting for the various partners and stakeholders of the BroilerNet project as it aims to improve broiler welfare as compared to the mainstream broiler production, while at the same time increasing the environmental sustainability. The slower-growing chickens are housed at a low stocking density with a covered outdoor area, and are fed with organic vegetables (waste products) in the locally produced diet, and no antibiotics are used. Furthermore, his farm is energy neutral. His concept is also economically sustainable, as the meat, which has a special colour and taste, is marketed as a specialised niche product of high quality. More information can be found at the website Oranjehoen.

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